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Kimberley Banfield

Hello!! Thank you for being here, it's so lovely to connect with you!

My name is Kimberley Banfield.

I’m a Soulcologist™ and the Founder of Soulcology™.

As an Intuitive Mentor, Speaker and Teacher, I guide and support Entrepreneurial Women to find the clarity, confidence and courage to listen to their intuition, heal past experiences and find and fulfil their Soul's Purpose(s).

What I love the most is helping Women to 'make their life a moment that matters™.'


The F.I.R.E. Meditation™ was initially created as an answer to the extreme self-doubt I experienced all the time about my dreams (or what I call Heartfelt Intuitive Desires™) for myself, my business and my life. 


It has helped create amazing dreams in my life, love and business, despite the self-doubt:

- Multiple 5-figure soulmate clients (I doubted I could make good money doing what I love!)

- My now-husband (I never thought I'd meet someone who would love and accept me in all my 'woo-ness')

- Permanent Residency in Canada in 6 months instead of the usual 12-15 months (I'm from Australia orignally)

- Business partnerships and collaborations, retreat speaker opportunities, podcast interviews and more!

The 3 most damaging impacts self-doubt has on your ability to create and follow-through on your intuition, dreams and desires (and how you're not alone!)

The #1 soulful secret to becoming one of the 15% who have self-doubt and still make their life, love and business dreams come true 

The powerful and intuitive 4-step process that will light the fire within you to bring your dreams and desires to life everyday (even when self-doubt says it won't!) - and create your own!


Download the free guideto The F.I.R.E. Meditation™ to discover:

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I share The F.I.R.E. Meditation™ with you in this Free Guide so that you may have self-doubt and have your dreams (your Heartfelt Intuitive Desires™), fulfilled anyway. It's a beautiful process that will help you to consciously set your energy each day and reset it anytime things get a little bumpy and your faith wavers. There's a bonus audio guided meditation version available too, via a link near the end.


So here's to your dreams being fulfilled, you creating beautiful things in the world and to your warm, shining, fiery light inspiring others to have and do the same. You are enough.

With love,

Kimberley xoxo

Soulcologist™, Founder of Soulcology™

We will never misuse your information 

We will never misuse your information